8 Week Challenge

Planet Max has been successfully coaching people like you in Nutrition and Training since establishing the business over 8 years ago.  We started running Challenges early in 2010 to fill a need in Tasmania for a complete nutrition, training and mentoring package.  Each year the Challenges develop and improve. 

Your 8 Week Challenge will include:

 5 x One on one Appointments

  • The Initial consultation with be a full breakdown of 8 week plan with: Goal setting and commitments for the challenge and beyond; a nutritional plan, consisting of 3 days of variety, refreshed at 4 weeks, chosen to suit your goals; training program chosen to suit your experience level and goals; body weight measurements and Body composition (muscle to fat ratios), where applicable

  • Your fortnightly progress appraisals will include: Body weight and measurements (note: Body composition is done monthly); Analysis of Fortnightly training, nutrition and goals; Updates of training programs and nutritional plan where necessary; Action Plan and check sheets for next fortnight

 Your Nutritional Plan

  • You will be provided with an easy to follow, personally calorized nutritional plan tailored specifically to you, your needs, body and goals.  There will be 3 days of variety on this plan and you will be shown how to interchange foods if you so choose.  There is also an option to have your nutrition plan refreshed if you feel it needed. 


  • You will be provided with a Training routine, based on your goals, body type and experience level; Your programs will be reviewed and refreshed at the 4 week mark of the challenge 


  • Group facebook page, with other challengers and Planet Max Staff for support and inspiration; If questions arise while on your program we can be available to you via phone, email, facebook or face to face during business hours

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