EHP Labs

EHP Labs

EHPlabs is a revolutionary health and fitness nutritional supplement company dedicated to developing the most effective and efficacious products. 

In their mission to innovate and create only the best, EHP Labs live and breathe the ethos of family, positivity, honesty, transparency and continuous and never-ending improvement.  The EHPlabs Global Family encompasses world class fitness models, elite athletes, high profile ambassadors, industry leading research scientists and the most passionate and talented formulators, flavour scientists, and production team. NOT JUST A COMPANY - the EHPlabs Family.

Founded in February 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah, EHPlabs has grown exponentially to become a globally recognized and trusted premium nutrition brand.  Although now headquartered in New York City, EHPlabs still maintains its grass roots with its state of the art 227,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Salt Lake City. 

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