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Newly re-formulated Recover-X is here!!! Now with extra glutamine, high percentage of BCAAs, + all essential amino acids!!

98% free form amino acids = no fillers!!


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What is it? 
BIOFLEX Recover X is the next generation in essential amino acid formulas. As the smart athletes are switching from BCAA formulas to Essential amino acid blends (still contains BCAA), Bioflex have taken it a step further and added some other amino acids that have an important part to play for optimum performance during exercise.

Who Should take it? 
People with diary intolerances could use Recover-X instead of protein powder straight after exercise. People looking for a performance boost during exercise or wanting to accelerate recovery would be wise to utilise Recover-X during a workout.

What does it do?
Bioflex Recover X is designed to perform three main functions
• Supply BCAA and L-Alanine to muscles during exercise to prevent catabolism
• Improve performance by supporting the nervous system (L-Glycine), provide better blood flow to the working muscles (L-Citruline) and overall improved athletic performance from Taurine
• Aid in recovery by supply the essential amino acids as well as waste product clearing action provided by L-Glutamine

All round a solid supplement to be using during exercise. Editor’s note, if you added some of your own Creatine and beta Alanine to Recover-X it would make for a very good non-stimulant pre-workout/intra workout drink.

How do I take it?
One scoop BIOFLEX Recover-X during exercise sessions or can be used throughout the day in place of Protein powder.


Refresh, Replenish, Recover.

The new and improved RecoverX takes muscle recovery to a whole new level.

If you’re looking to build lean muscle and encourage the best recovery possible, RecoverX is your product of choice.

Made from 100% free form amino acids, RecoverX is a protein powder but not as you know it.

With zero creaminess or milkiness, RecoverX is light and refreshing which is just what you need during or after a hard training session. It’s 100% dairy, lactose and fat-free and contains next to no carbohydrates too.

RecoverX is a fast-acting protein source that replenishes your muscles and helps them recover and grow.

It delivers more than 22g of protein per 25g serve, 10% more BCAAs than a 30g serve of Whey Protein Isolate and over a full serve of Glutamine!

With a crisp lemonade flavour, RecoverX is more like a BCAA product than a whey protein when it comes to taste.

Intra workout, post workout or anytime you need a protein hit; RecoverX is a thirst quenching protein replacement that really delivers.

Why RecoverX?
1.Contains all 9 essential amino acids
2.98% free form amino acids – no fillers
3.Can be used in replacement of a normal shake
4.High percentage of BCAAs
5.Added Glutamine for recovery
6.Great for lean muscle mass

Who should take Recover X?
1.Anyone with a dairy intolerance
2.Dieters, any competitor preparing for shows/comps
3.Endurance athletes
4.Bodybuilder, fitness, figure, strength and power athletes



Essential Amino Acid blend (L Leucine, L Threonine, L Valine, L Isoleucine, L Lysine, L Methionine, L Phenylalanine, L Histidine, L Tryptophan), L Glutamine, L Glycine, L Alanine, Flavouring, L Tyrosine, Malitol, Citrulline Malate, Citric Acid, L Taurine, Sweetener (Sucralose).

This product contains Phenylalanine.

Nutrition Panel

Nutrition InfoPer ServePer 100g
Energy (kj)4021606
Protein (g)2287
Fat (total)00
   Fat (saturated)00
Carbohydrate (g total)14.2
   (sugars) (g)00
   (maltitol) (g)13.8
Sodium (mg)29
Amino Acid ProfilePer ServePer 100g
L Leucine347513900
L Lysine8003200
L Valine17637050
L Threonine337513500
L Isoleucine16136450
L Methionine4501800
L Phenylalanine225900
L Histidine225900
L Tryptophan125500
L Glutamine550022000
L Alanine13005200
L Tyrosine10004000
L Taurine4001600
L Glycine1506000
L Citrulline7503000



Mix 1 flat scoop (25g) with approximately 400ml water / soda water.

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