Conquering Competition Emotions – Discover your ‘why?’

Quite often during competition preparation you will start to doubt yourself, what you’re doing and your emotions too may start to come into play…. Get prepared because I’m about to ask you some thought provoking questions!

At this point, and I’m sure other points in your preparation, you may be thinking things like:

  • Am I going to be ready on time?
  • Should I be doing something different with my diet, training, supplements?
  • Am I going to look like an idiot on stage?
  • Will people laugh at me?
  • And for the girls, Am I going to fall ass over in these frickin heels?

The biggest question which you may be asking yourself is ‘Why am I doing this?’ Why is it all your friends are out partying and your opting for an early night because your exhausted? Why can’t you just eat everything everyone else is eating? exactly why/what did you sign up for? It’s Saturday night man, let me have a piece of (or a whole) pizza already!!!

Most of you will remember when you signed on with us we asked you to fill out an initial Goals Sheet. That sheet asked you a question, the answer to that question needs to be plastered onto your fridge, pantry and desk and read as many times a day as you need.

Of course that question is:


If you haven’t thought about it lately, it may be time to put pen to paper yet again and answer some simple questions:

  • Why are you competing?
  • How will you feel once you have competed?
  • Are you just doing this for yourself or for someone else?
  • Why is stepping on stage in the best shape of your life important to you and how will it change your attitude towards yourself and even others?

When you get an earful from your family, friends or all the ‘Experts’ out there ask yourself:

  • Why are these people saying this to me?
  • What difference will it make to them personally?
  • What interest do they have in my being successful or not?

And lastly if you receive some feedback or comments which start to provoke some negative emotions take a step back and think:

  • How is holding onto these negative emotions going to help me or anyone around me in any possible way?

Preparing and competing in Bodybuilding/Figure/Fitness/Sports modeling is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. You will have people around you, family, friends, co-workers and even strangers telling you how ‘unhealthy’ it is. You will have people telling you 100’s of different ways in which you should be dieting or training and 1000’s more articles from the internet confusing things even more.

The reality is very few people really understand what you are going through.  If you allow your emotions to take control, instead of reasoning out why you feel a certain way, you will have let those doubting people and even your own self doubt win.

Keep the positive people around to share your thoughts and feelings with. Just be sure that at the end of the conversation you are in a better place. There is no point wallowing in self-pity, remember YOU choose to compete and only YOU will be able to see the preparation through.  A good friend of ours summed it up earlier this year when he said: ‘You have to enjoy it, because after all it’s just a hobby’.

One of the most influential quotes to me during comp prep is: ‘I didn’t say it would be easy, I said it would be worth it’

Trust us when we say, competing WILL be worth it.

Take it to the next level and TAKE IT TO THE MAX!!!




Do you feel pain in your hips or knees??

Did you just hit it hard with our new Online Amazing Bum and Thigh Workout???

Are the hips feeling a bit tight? and just maybe, did you forget to stretch????? well here is our resident stretching and yoga guru Candi to help you get limber up and prevent some un-necessary pain.

If you don’t have time to stretch then you don’t have time to train. Let me explain the importance of stretching after training.

After placing prolonged strain on your muscles they will begin to shorten and tighten. This not only makes it difficult to continue to progress with your training and increase in weights but can lead to rounded posture commonly resulting in lower back pain and hip displacement. This can also cause pain in your lower limbs including your knees. Signs: Do you feel pain in your hips or knees? Look at yourself in the mirror, are your shoulders rounded and do you find you appear to be leaning forward?

The amazing news is it is never too late to start stretching, no matter how old or how long you have been training for, you can start today!

The below 5 stretches are my personal favorites to do every day after training or at least making sure the body is nice and warm first.

Childs pose:

Awareness: Back and Hips

Kneeling on the floor, keeping toes together and knees wide sink your torso down on to the mat with arms outstretched in front, forehead on the mat and relaxed wrists. Resting here for a minimum 30 seconds.

Groin stretch:

Awareness: Hips

Sitting, draw together the soles of your feet, mindfully leaning forward with your torso from your hips. Doing your best not to round the back. Resting here for a minimum 30 seconds.

Thread the needle:

Awareness: Glutes and Hips

Lie on your back with left knee bent and foot flat on the floor. Place right foot across left knee, using your hands pick up your left knee and draw it towards your chest. Ensuring neck and shoulders remain on the floor and awareness on lengthening through the sacrum. Hold for minimum 30 seconds before repeating on other side.

Low Lunge:

Awareness: Hip flexors

Beginning in a lunge position ensuring front knee begins directly over the ankle and back knee is resting on the floor gently placing pressure with both hands on the front knee and leaning forward into the stretch. Hold for minimum 30 seconds before repeating on the other side.


Awareness: Chest and shoulders

Reward you body with some stretching love and of course for optimal recovery be sure to throw in your post training protein shake!

Enthusiasm – Khalil Gibran/Johann Sebastian Bach by Professor Thinkstoomuch

Khalil Gibran

I stumbled across this Kahlil Gibran quote this morning and it reminded me of an incident a few years back…

One day while counting up the shop takings at the end of a rather slow sales week I couldn’t help but feel a little dejected. What was going wrong? The shop was looking awesome; stocked with all the latest products and our staff were great – always friendly, knowledgeable and keen to help. But at this time sales were only just enough to keep ticking along. It’s not that I wanted to be filthy rich from Planet Max, it’s just I thought that things might be a little bit more comfortable after working 60 hour weeks for the past few years.

That night I dreamt I was chatting with the American comedian Lesley Neilson, he was dressed in white robes and had this long flowing beard (possibly my sub-conscious comedic take on a godlike figure). In the dream I was complaining to Lesley/God about my first world problems when he suggested “maybe you could take some tips from our good friend Johnny Bach”.

When I awoke I was keen to google “Johnny Bach” because the only thing I knew about Johann Sebastian Bach was that he is considered one of the world’s greatest composers. After a bit of reading I found that for most of his life Bach worked for the church for a meager salary and most of the time they didn’t even pay him the agreed amount. In the town he lived in he had several critics, including the church congregation. He did earn some praise during his life time but for the most part he was underpaid and underappreciated.

So what did “Johnny “do? He wrote music, a lot of music. He wrote so much beautiful music during his lifetime that many people now refer to him as the world’s greatest composer. His music has touched the lives of millions of people around the world, even a musical retard such as myself can’t help being moved when you hear it.

Imagine what a disaster it would have been if Bach decided all the work wasn’t worth his effort. Thankfully he poured his whole heart and all his enthusiasm into his music and left behind his gift to the world. I’ll try not to get too preachy here but Bach’s life has been a valuable lesson to me to search for the purist motives in everything you do. The bills and daily ordeals do end up taking care of themselves, all I have to focus on is putting all my knowledge, enthusiasm and care into everything I do. I’ll leave you with a quote from my new friend Johnny

“I was obliged to be industrious. Whoever is equally industrious will succeed equally well.”

– Johann Sebastian Bach



The 4 Week Mini-Cut has come to an end and the results have been good. The waist measurement has dropped another 1cm while body weight again remained the same. Overall results weren’t spectacular, however increasing muscle mass while dropping body-fat is a success in my book. Slow and steady wins the race, especially when it coms to fat loss!

4 Week Overall Results:

  • Waist: Dropped 5cm
  • Bodyweight: Increase of 1.5kg
  • Chest: Stayed the same
  • Legs:   Increased 1.5cm
  • Arms: Increased 1 cm

Nutrition was on point again during my final week, as was cardio and training. My body seems to adapt quickly to training routines and I definitely noticed an attenuation of muscle soreness with the DoggCrapp training towards the end of the 4 week mini-cut. So to keep things fresh I’m starting a new training plan I’ve adapted from the American trainer Nick Nilsson (You can check out this new training routine right here on the blog). Boris and I road tested this routine a few years ago to good effect, so I’m confident it will help to put some more muscle on over the next 4 week block.

Thanks for the support during the past 4 weeks. Knowing that I had to report my results in each week (being accountable) made me push harder – through cardio especially. It was nice to hear that some of you guys had incorporated aspects of the training into your own fitness plans with good results. Well that’s me for now, the next mini cut we are going to post will be Stephanie’s, stay tuned.



3 weeks down and only 1week to go on my mini-cut!

Week 3 was a success – bodyweight stayed the same but another 1cm came off the waist. 1 cm may not sound much but fat came off my chest as well, starting to lose the ‘man-boob’ look and get a more masculine looking chest.

The Doggcrapp training is still going well though muscle soreness is starting to subside compared to the first week. One more week of Doggcrapp training then I will post my new weight training routine. You have to keep it fresh and give your body a reason to grow, it adapts quickly and we don’t want plateaus in results.

Nutrition has been solid the past 7 days, a few family gatherings but overall stuck to the eating plan. Cardio was again 5 sessions for the week, nothing too fancy, just make sure your breathing is laboured and you get a good sweat up. Simples.

The final 7 days I’m going to drive this thing home and see if we can shift a bit more of this belly pudding. See you when I’m leaner!

Ps. I think we need a bigger tape measure…



Another week down and I’m pretty happy with the results. Work was hectic but I took the extra effort to make sure all meals, cardio and weight sessions we done to plan. The Doggcrap training system is still giving me good muscle soreness, something I aim for with all weight training plans. Each person is different but generally muscle soreness has always correlated to gains.

Cardio sessions were the same as last week – 5 walking sessions. The difference this week is that with more consistent cardio sessions my cardio vascular fitness is improving. This is particularly apparent with recuperation between sets with weight training. A certain degree of cardio vascular fitness is needed for weight training to get the best possible workout. If you find yourself huffing and puffing excessively between sets then you would benefit from adding some cardio to your weekly regime.

Measurements were good for the week. Weight stayed the same while the waist dropped by 2cm. As the waist dropped this week I am going to keep the whole routine the same for week 3. Another consistent week ahead and I’ll report back in Monday next week.

Supplements are therefore also staying the same because everything seems to be working well – my favourite product at the moment is Wicked Supps ‘Epic Gainz’. Its perfect to take during a cutting phase to help with maintaining muscle mass!

Epic Gainz is $69.95 and can be purchased here.




First week down and I’m pretty happy overall with how it went. The Doggcrap training was great, every body part was sore for days after training. I did move leg day to Thursday (day off work), this allowed me to take my time and ensure legs were completely exhausted.

The diet was good, particularly over the weekend. Often on a day off I’ll sleep in and skip a few meals. This weekend I was more vigilant and only missed 1 meal. Cheat meal for the week was roast lamb and roasted veggies. I wasn’t going to have a cheat meal but the wife cooked it and there would have been consequences if I refused. Happy Wife, happy life.

Cardio wasn’t too bad either. I managed 5 sessions for the week, not as good as the 7 I planned for but still better than the single cardio session the week before.

Results were interesting. Weight went up 1.5kg, which I attribute to consistency with food over the weekend and results from 6 kick-ass workouts. Waist measurement only dropped 1cm, I was hoping for more. If next week it doesn’t drop much I’ll replace the carbs out of the 3pm meal with more veg.

Overall not a bad result. Another solid effort this week and we should see the waist measurement decrease some more.



We were looking at some pics from a nutrition seminar we ran last week and I thought “who’s the fat guy with the big head out front” … oh damn, that’s me. So it’s time to trim up! For the next 4 weeks the Planet Max blog will document the weight training , nutrition and supplement plan I’ll be using to shrink my melon down to human proportions (and the waist line as well).

Over the next 4 weeks I’ll put some updates up on facebook as well as some measurements. I may need to make adjustments to diet, cardio, etc along the way to insure body-fat continues, so I’ll update everyone on those too.  Overcoming the plateaus is the hardest part for most people when dieting so the weekly adjustments might be the most helpful part. Not sure about before and after pics as I hate getting my photo taken.


Most supplements will be the same as the regular muscle building phase, but we will list them anyway in order to understand their purpose in the plan.

The 4 week Plan, needs a goal. Simple, lose fat while at least maintaining muscle mass – all this while having sufficient energy to function properly at work. Each Supplement will aid in one of these 3 goals.

Epic Gainz Myostatin inhibitor: 10ml in the morning before training and another 4ml at night. Beginners will get great results starting with 4ml morning and 4ml evening. Epic Gainz is for muscle growth.

Protein Powder: I take 3 types, Hydrolysed (fast absorbing whey) during training. Whey blend (fast/med absorbing whey) in my breakfast pancakes. The third one is a casein (slow release) before bed. For those on a budget just get a good quality whey blend like ON Gold Standard 100% Whey, Dymatize Elite 100% Whey or Bioflex Proflex. Protein powder is for muscle recovery.

Pre-workout: training is usually 6-6.30 in the morning so I rely on pre-workouts to get me up and out of bed! Favourites at the moment include Scitec Pow3rd, BPM Labs The One, Mutant Mayhem and APS Morph 3.

Greens formulas: these are a great way to get extra vitamins, antioxidants, fibre and probiotics. Due to the large amount of food/protein consumed each day, the Greens formulas are a great way to insure digestion is optimal. Mixing up the fruit and veg along with adding a good quality yogurt are also essential. At the moment I’m using BSc Immuoreds and R2R Raw Greens.

Intra workout: These help with the pump and shuttle nutrients into the working muscles. I alternate between Gen Tec Tr3, Body Ripped Muscleplex or even use Vitargo blended with essential amino acids.

Fat Burners: The main weapon used to reduce body fat is going to be daily cardio sessions. I’ll add in a fat burner such as APS White Lightning or Stimutant in before cardio to maximise the benefits of each session. Can you drop fat with cardio and diet alone? Definitely, it’s just that this is only a 4 week cut and we need to get cracking.

Testosterone Booster: These will help maintain muscle mass and energy while working a 55-60 hour week and exercising twice a day. I might alternate daily the Bioflex Alpha with the new Elements Silverback.

This is a lot of supplements for the average person (those who don’t own a supplement shops). A good quality protein powder, pre-workout and Epic Gainz would be my must-haves! You could just use the pre-workout as a fat burner before cardio as well if you need the extra boost.


This diet contains a large amount of protein by most people’s reckoning. I was originally reluctant to bump protein up this high, fearing it could be bad for digestion and/or kidney function. However using this exact eating plan over the past 10 weeks has helped me to increase muscle mass and improve digestion (10 out of 10 in the toilet department). So for this cut over the next 4 weeks diet will stay the same, unless fat isn’t coming off quick enough, and I will rely on cardio to trim up. Normally I add in a ‘Cheat Meal’ over the weekend, however for the first week I’m going to skip it to see how I go.

First thing – 5:45am = 10ml of Epic Gainz

  1. Pre Workout: 6.00 am
1 pre workout + 10g BCAA 60 15 0 0
1 scoop Vitargo 148 0 0 37
TOTAL 208 15 0 37


  1. During workout
1 scoop Vitargo (carb powder) 148 0 0 37
10 g essential amino acids 40 10 0 0
300ml Apple  juice 140 .5 .1 34
TOTAL 328 10.5 .1 71


  1. Post workout (usually consumed the last 20 minutes of the workout)
½ serve Gen Tec TR3 147 17.8 .9 18
300ml Mango/banana fruit juice 140 .5 .1 34
TOTAL 287 18.3 1 52


  1. Breakfast: 8.00am
2 scoop WPI/WPC 109 48 3 8
1 banana 120 1 0 30
80g oats 311 10.7 7.2 44.1
TOTAL 540 59.7 10.2 82.1


  1. Mid-Morning Snack: 10.30m
300g chicken (raw weight) 396 72 12.0 0
1 cup white rice 160g 192 4.6 0.6 42
Green beans 100g   22 2 0 3
TOTAL 610 78.6 18 45


  1. Lunch: 12.45pm
300g chicken (raw weight) 396 72 12.0 0
200g potato 152 4 0 34
200g low fat yogurt  167 13.1 4.4 18.6
TOTAL 717 89.1 16.4 52.6


  1. Mid-Afternoon Snack: 3.00pm
300g chicken (raw weight) 396 72 12.0 0
1 cup white rice 160g 192 4.6 0.6 42
Green beans 100g   22 2 0 3
TOTAL 610 78.6 18 45


  1. Snack: 5.00pm
2 scoop WPI/WPC 109 48 3 8
30g nuts (20 almonds) 189 4.7 15 7.9
Greens Formula 35 .3 .2 8
TOTAL 333 53 18.2 23.9


CARDIO SESSION (15 Min HIIT OR 30-40 Min walk)


  1. Dinner: 8.00pm
300g steak (raw weight) 390 63 15 0
2 cups green vegetables 40 2 0 8
1 Tablespoon macadamia oil 166 0 20 0
TOTAL 536 57 32 8


  1. Before Bed: 9:45pm
60g Gen Tec custard 227 41 2.4 11
TOTAL 227 41 2.4 11



DAILY TOTAL 4416 500.8 116.3 427.6


WATER: 4 litres per day



DC Training is a method of weight training/bodybuilding which has increased in popularity over recent years due to its ability to help experienced bodybuilders to achieve good gains in strength and body size. It was created by Dante Trudel (otherwise known as Doggcrapp).  We have modified the DC to suite my training needs. I’ve seen a few variations of DC training on the net and magazines, with the main feature being rest pause training, low volume of sets and progressive overload of weight.  All programs can be modified, so play around to find what works best for you.  Below is a routine that worked well for me 18 months ago, so I’ll give it another crack over the next 4 weeks.

Rest/Pause (R/P): Note the 12-16 rep sets are performed in a rest/pause manner. Perform about 8 reps to failure. Rack weight, take 6 to 10 deep breaths, then do another 2-4 reps. Rack the weight again, take another 6 to 10 deep breaths, then do another 2-4 reps.  Total reps per set will therefore between 12 to 16 reps.  After the designated rest/pause sets we drop the weight and crank out a 20 rep set to get a better pump.

DAY 1: Legs

Body Part Exercise Sets x Reps Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Legs Warm-ups leg extensions 3 x 15-20
Hack Squats 4 x 12-16
Hack Squats 1 x 20
Leg Press 4 x 12-16
Leg Press 1 x 20
Lying Leg Curl                   R/P 2 x 12-16
Lying Leg curls 1 x 20
Wide stiff legged deadlift  R/P 2 x 12-16
Wide stiff legged deadlift 1 X 20
Standing Calf Raise             R/P 3 x 12-16
Standing Calf Raise 1 x 20


DAY 2: Shoulders and Abs

Body Part Exercise Sets x Reps Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Shoulders Warm-up Machine press 2 x 15
Machine Shoulder Press  R/P 3 x 12-16
Machine Shoulder Press 1 x 20
Upright rows                      R/P 3 x 12-16
Upright rows 1 x 20
Bent over lateral raises    R/P 2 x 12-16
Bent over lateral raises 1 x 20
Abs Hanging leg raises 2 x 20
Weighted cable crunches 2 x 12


DAY 3: Back

Body Part Exercise Sets x Reps Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Back Wide Grip Lat Pull Down  R/P 3 x 12-16
Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs 1 x 20
Barbell Rows                       R/P 3 x 12-16
Barbell rows 1 x 20
Seated  Rows                       R/P 3 x 12-16
Seated  Rows 1 x 20
Straight arm pulldowns    R/P 2 x 12-16
Straight arm pulldowns 1 x 20
Deadlifts 2 x 20


DAY 4: Chest and Triceps

Body Part Exercise Sets x Reps Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Chest Flat Bench Press             R/P 2 x 12-16
Flat Bench Press 1 x 20
Incline Dumbbell Press  R/P 2 x 12-16
Incline Dumbbell Press 1 x 20
Flat dumbbell flyes        R/P 2 x 12-16
Flat dumbbell flyes 1 x 20
Triceps Close grip bench             R/P 2 x 12-16
Close grip bench 1 x 20
Weighted Dips                R/P 2 x 12-16
Weighted Dips 1 x 20


DAY 5: Biceps, Forearms and Calves

Body Part Exercise Sets x Reps Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Biceps Barbell curls                        R/P 2 x 12-16
Barbell Curls 1 x 20
Hammer curls                     R/P 2 x 12-16
Hammer curls 1 x 20
Preacher curls                     R/P 2 x 12-16
Preacher curls 1 x 20
Forearms Dumbbell wrist curls 3 x 12
Calves Seated Calf raises               R/P 3 x 12-16
Seated Calf raises 1 x 20


DAY 6:  Repeat DAY 1. DAY 8 will be same as DAY 2 and so on. Basically this is a 5 0n/ 1 off split

DAY 7: Cardio 30-40 minutes, preferably morning


Stop wasting time and energy… warm up correctly!

The whole purpose of a warm-up set it to prepare the muscles, the nervous system and our minds for the upcoming workout. Not enough warming up and you can risk injury, but too much and you could un-necessarily fatigue the muscles…

MAX-OT Acclimation Sets were originally developed by Dr Paul Cribbs, but was first introduced to us by our good friend Natural Mr Olympia, Warren Clampit. This is a very effective way to structure a workout, one we highly recommend.

1st Set: 40% x 12 reps (warm-up)

Here you are using roughly 40% of your target work set weight. These should be good smooth reps not too slow and not too fast. Your main goal is to increase blood flow and get the feel of the movement and the weight. After this first set you should rest about 1 minute. Paul Cribbs recommends you start with 50% of your goal weight and do 2 x 50% sets. Some times if I feel fresh I just do the 1x 50% set instead of 2 sets.

2nd Set: 60% x 6 reps (warm-up)

Here we bump the weight to roughly around 60% of the target work set weight. This should be a deliberate set done at a moderate pace. This is the next step in weight acclimation. It should feel light and the first 4 reps should be very easy. Rest about 1 to 2 minutes before the next set.

3rd Set: 80% x 3 reps (warm-up)

Again we bump the weight up. Roughly to about 80% of the work set weight. You should follow the same rhythm as in the last set – 3 strong reps and rest 1 minute before next set.

4th Set: 90%-100% x 1 rep (weight acclimation)

That’s right, just 1 rep roughly with 90-100% of your work set weight. The purpose here is weight acclimation. This should be a strong, powerful and deliberate rep.

5th, 6th and 7th Sets: 100% x 6 to 8 reps (muscle-building)

These are the muscle building sets. Very important; these are the only sets that produce muscle growth. All the sets leading up to these heavy sets are merely warm-up sets and are treated as just that and nothing more. Generally I will perform 3 working sets per exercise but it is best not to hold anything back, if you can smash that body part in 2 intense sets then don’t bother with the third set. Intensity is the key!

There you have it, warm up just enough, then get stuck in to it. Don’t waste time and energy on endless warm-up sets!

Have you hit a plateau with your current training plan? Do you want a workout that’s guaranteed to give you results no matter what your goal? Head on over to our website and check out our range of fully customised online training plans!

POST CONTEST BLUES by Professor Thinkstoomuch

The Spring season of Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure competition is drawing to an end while another crop of eager competitors have already launched into preparation for next years shows. For those that have just finished it’s time to enjoy those foods you have fantasized about for the past few months and reflect on a job well done. Trouble is after being so focused on that one big day for so long it is almost inevitable that afterwards people will feel that they are lacking purpose or direction. Some will even start to question whether the 20 weeks of dieting was worth the 15 minutes on stage. Welcome to post contest blues.

This phenomena isn’t unique to physique athletes or athletes in general for that matter. The same thing happens to most people after returning from a holiday and to a lesser degree every weekend. How many people do you know who trudge through life and work with the prospect of a big Saturday night as their beacon and saviour. Projecting your happiness into the future is very common and usually follows the same logic. “Right now I don’t particularly like what I am doing but when the weekend comes/ when the contest is over/ when I’m on holidays/ when I finish this degree, etc…. things are going to be better”. It is impossible for things to be better in the future because the most important aspect of your future will still be the same, YOU. If you found contest preparation in itself to be un-exciting or draining then why would things be any different after the contest?

That’s the wake- up call so now for the positive stuff.

  1. We are going to change our perspective and stop projecting our happiness into the future.
  2. The only place you are ever going to be, is here, in the NOW, this is where our power lies and the only place where we will find any true happiness and purpose.
  3. There is nothing wrong with having goals and daydreaming from time to time about what you would like to enjoy in the future, I would actually encourage you to do this. The problem arises when we think that we won’t be happy until the future events/circumstances unfold. By having a dream, then actively working towards that dream all successful people eventually realise that the PROCESS of working towards the goal is often more rewarding than the outcome itself.
  4. By finding enjoyment in the process you get the duel reward of enjoying every step along the way (even the challenging ones) and enjoying the goal/dream/contest as well.
  5. When the big day has come and gone there will be a seamless transition to the next stage of your life because you have already practiced staying in the NOW, being present and enjoying what needs to be done today.This may take some practice in shifting to new habits but it will be well worth it. The ideal way to live your life is to be happy now and also excited about the future you are shaping for yourself. Whether you are about to prepare for a contest or just head off to work on a cold Monday morning, NOW is the only time there is, so make the most of it.

Dream Big, now go out and get it!