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GENR8 Vitargo S2 Muscle Fuel & Recovery


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GENR8 has one governing principle in regard to its products - Proof Before Promises™! Before we make any claims about a GENR8 product, we are absolutely certain that the formulation is university research-proven to be superior to all other related sport nutrition products. That’s what Proof Before Promises™ means and why GENR8 is the preferred brand of elite athletes and Olympic competitors world-wide.
Today there is a broad spectrum of sport nutrition brands on the market with each one claiming that they are “innovative” and “science-based”. In reality, the opposite is true in most cases. Looking at performance nutrition products on the market—the ACTUAL product offered for sale—reveals a striking finding: less than 1 out of 1,000 products have any independent proof that they work better than a placebo or the market standard. That’s because the innovation and scientific basis they claim is simply manipulation of ingredient levels or forms that are already common to other brands. Or, they might include one or more novel ingredients whose ability to positively affect performance remains unproven. The result is a product whose formulation might appear to be different but lacks any reliable evidence showing it to be any more effective than any other product on the shelves. Simply put, they provide nothing special or superior to intensively training individuals and athletes except yet another product in a market already suffering from a lack of proper scientific development and no true solution for enhancing performance. However, things have changed!  

GENR8 takes a unique, scientific approach to formulating revolutionary products for athletes. First, our scientific team identifies the most critical factors affecting performance and pinpoint what it would take to enhance it. Next we work to understand the successes and shortcomings of current products and determine a solution that would allow a new product to have superior, performance improving actions. In essence, a new GENR8 product is conceptualized and the work begins to identify the breakthrough ingredients that match these requirements and are proven in university research—in humans, not rats or test tubes—to be superior to traditional ingredients or market standard multi-ingredient formulations. Only when an ingredient or system has more than ample proof of its superior effectiveness compared to ingredients in ordinary products will GENR8 use it make a product available to athletes. Only GENR8 makes the commitment to proper and diligent university-level product development that results in products that are research proven to be superior to other sport nutrition products before they enter the market. That’s Proof Before Promises™ in Product Innovation!   

Rapid and efficient carbohydrate delivery is the key to optimal refueling and recovery from exhaustive exercise. However, the carbohydrates widely used in sport/energy/recovery drinks and powders are made up of smaller carbohydrate molecules such as sugars and maltodextrin. Due to their molecular size and shape these carbohydrates move slowly through the stomach, thus delaying energy delivery to muscle.

GENR8 has obtained the exclusive rights (in select countries) to offer Vitargo®S2—a university research-proven carbohydrate. Vitargo moves through the stomach more quickly to deliver energy to the blood, muscle, and fuel-critical organs like the liver and brain, as well as raise blood insulin levels more effectively than the carbohydrate sources used in virtually all sport/energy/recovery products. Vitargo®S2 is the Super Soluble form of this patented carbohydrate produced in Sweden and available exclusively in GENr8 products.

Research studies performed at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden—the birthplace of carbohydrate/glycogen loading back in the 1960’s—and the University Nottingham in the United Kingdom have shown that Vitargo® is superior to the carbohydrates found in ordinary sport/ energy/recovery drinks and powders. The following highlights some of the research proof GENR8 needed to bring to market Vitargo®S2 a revolutionary, breakthrough sport nutrition product leveraging the patented Vitargo® IVg technology.

Compared to equal calorie amounts of carbohydrates in ordinary sport energy and recovery drinks and powders, Vitargo® was shown to:
2.3 times Faster Energy Delivery to Intestines.
This leads to more efficient digestion and absorption and delivery to muscle after exhaustive exercise.  
1.68 times Greater Glycogen Recovery in First 2 Hours.
For faster refueling and recovery.  
1.78 times Higher Insulin Response in Ten Minutes.
Insulin is the most potent, natural mechanism for rapidly activating of anti-catabolic signals that spare muscle protein post-workout.  


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